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remember, remember. . .

This post actually is not about V for Vendetta (Tomorrow!) It's about a small tragedy. Well, to the fans. So, on wikipedia, they have this history of Fred Krueger, and as it worked out, he was killed in 1966 by some Elm Street parents. Keep in mind, this is from the "Freddy's Dead" movie, and that one sucked gaspipes. Anyway, according to the synopsis, Nancy's parents moved into the house after Kruger died, which belonged to him before that. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. The first movie was released in 1984, and Nancy was 15, so she would have been born in 1969. Her mom admitted to killing Krueger, so I'm thinking she was already a parent before Kruger was killed. So it doesn't bloody match up. I still think that we should keep the time line we have in our movie because the sixth movie ruined everything. What does everyone else think? Also, look on Wikipedia under "Freddy Krueger" read the history and all the crap about the sixth movie and tell me what you think.
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We could bump it back, but we'd have to change things, and you're right, it doesn't quite make sense. Considering the whole history doesn't make sense from that movie, as "Nancy and her family moved afterwards" Yet her parent supposedly were in the killing. So we could probably just leave it as it is, and blatantly ignore such things. :)

I like this picture.

It's Freddy's total look of annoyance and disbelief at his daughter.

I also need to go to the thrift store to see if I can find anything for my costume. Mostly a red sweater to add green too.
Because that's the easiest.
I'm all about cheap.

I made a blade, it needs some details added, then I'll show it to you. It's a prototype, so we can decide what to do.