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Next weekend, probably Saturday and Sunday, we should try to film. Here is a list of scenes we need to do. I will supply dialog, but there isn't much to say, so don't fret! Mostly this is up to Rachel and Ben! I hope they can do it. Remember, this is supposed to take place in September, so I apologize because we're not going to be able to wear jackets. Mostly though, the joke's on me because Lin and Fred have that fight scene.

At the park, we have two scenes. One is a simple worm's eye view of the kids throwing flowers down into a grave. The next is after the funeral, where Rachel and Ben share a few lines between them.

We need a shot of Rachel in the nightgown to supplement Olivia and Stacy's dream sequence at Bebe Lake. After this, Rochelle, Robbie, and Rachel have some lines from the beginning of the movie where Stacy, Olivia, and Lin talk about Freddy's disappearance.

Then, there's the huge fight scene with Lin, Freddy, and Audrey. This still needs to be planned out, as I only have a few ideas. Looks like on Friday night, I'll be making an ax- stand in. No problem, I can handle that. It'll be in Martha's yard, probably. We also need an actor to play Audrey's MOM! I almost forgot about that. I think she says, "Good bye, don't wait up for me." OR something to that effect. Then Audrey faints as she watches her mom drive away.

Lastly, there is a scene at Chandra's house where Lin is supposed to see her little sister out the window sitting and staring back at her. Welp, I'll really have to talk Tori into it, but maybe she'll do it, otherwise, fuck.

We CANNOT finish this all on Saturday, and that's fine. We'll have to do it near Thanksgiving as well. It'll be tough, but I have faith. I really can't cut anyone's character at this point, so let's be positive. We will ROCK the Freddy Prequel. Just think, after this, it's all inside work, so we won't have to be out in the cold when the snow starts! I realize am a dictator, but we really should be finishing projects we start, especially because it's a great introduction to the craft of gore! I hope you all are excited.
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